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First of all, I come from the “there are no boring subjects only boring writers” school of copywriting. I thrive on projects where the client needs to develop a new angle on a mature product, and this lead-generation blog series for PolicyStat fell right inside my wheelhouse.

The Strategy

From my initial discussions with client PolicyStat and their agency Media Fuel and account director Chris Bass, I saw an opportunity to leap beyond the obvious cost-and time-saving benefits of the company’s Cloud-based workflow solution. We made sure to prominently weave those advantages into the story; however, my recommended strategy was an idea with more potential to drive leads:

Position their SaaS solution as a way to improve patient satisfaction scores.

It was a big promise; one that purchasers and influencers would be sure to challenge but also be drawn toward.

So it was essential for PolicyStat’s blogs and incentive content to communicate their technology helps hospitals and surgery centers improve document compliance and avoid morale-and reputation-killing audit penalties.

Moreover, by reducing the distractions of repetitive paperwork and process meetings, the platform delivered an important operational and brand-building benefit:

Frontline caregivers and shift managers literally had more hours in their day to focus on patient needs, especially when it came to having time to communicate with them.

Panning for lead-generation gold.

I knew from my discovery work that PolicyStat clients saw immediate time savings after migrating to their platform, and improved patient satisfaction scores in the months following full implementation.

So a winning story took shape from several data points, which for me is fairly typical. As a curious marketer and avid dot-connector, creative discovery excites me nearly as much as creating.

In fact, many of my best ideas come during the initial project research. Like a miner separating gold from the iron pyrite.

PolicyStat Blog Series Project Deliverables

  • Positioning strategy
  • Story development
  • Copywriting for six editions of the company blog
  • Concepts for incentives to prompt the audience to request a demo from sales team (infographics/whitepapers/e-books)
  • Review topics on the existing editorial calendar and give client input through G-Suite


The series exceeded the client’s lead generation goals and helped to increase the size of the projects the company was invited to bid on.

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