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Just like life, timing is everything in freelancing.

I was hired for this website project at the sitemap stage just as Memorial Health was in the process of redefining their brand in the market.

So instead of being stuck with existing copy guidelines, I was able to help craft a brand new personality for Memorial Health.

Growing Challenges

Memorial Health is a healthcare brand with a rich past and facing new challenges.

Located in Marysville, OH, Memorial’s home town and adjacent service area throughout Union County is the midst of decades-long growth cycle thanks to a high quality of life and low cost of living.

Along with an influx of new families has come increased competition from two large Columbus-based integrated health systems looking to challenge Memorial for a share of the market.

In existence since 1952, Memorial has grown from a 40-bed county hospital physical to an independent health system offering comprehensive services and physician specialties, strong quality scores and convenient facilities.

But they were in danger of being seen as the capable but less comprehensive county hospital by comparison to Ohio Health and OSU.

Searching for Answers

Given the importance of search in attracting new residents looking for healthcare services and the depth of services the new players had to offer, Memorial had reason for concern.

However, their own research showed that consumers did have frustrations with the large systems that included “being treated like a number” and inconveniently located specialist offices.

These less desirable associations with the new competitors created a ideal opening for Memorial to occupy.

Consumers searching for a new healthcare provider are often feeling stressed or anxious. Memorial saw an opportunity with their new website to project competence and make an emotional connection.

So the objective for the re-tooled look and voice of the brand and the website was both simple and urgent:

Convince consumers that Memorial Health was the best choice for theirs.

The Solution

Develop a verbal identity to complement Memorial’s more modern visual identity.

Create a verbal identity manual that explained how to express the voice of Memorial and the strategy driving the guidelines.

Bring the brand voice to life in new sitewide content.

The Outcome

A better experience for patients.

A differentiating tone of voice for the Memorial brand.

A warm and relatable professional personality in all marketing communications.

Principles of communications that put the needs, concerns and schedules of patients first.

Fewer delays and frustration around stylistic disagreements during the creative approval process.

Easier for internal and external content writers to maintain a consistent voice across multiple channels.

Higher SERP rankings and greater page engagement.

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