This video was created to rally the global sales team and marketing leaders for Alimta. At the time it was the world’s leading chemotherapy for late-stage lung cancer. It was also Lilly’s most profitable drug, and coming off a record year.

The challenge.

With this drug, this disease, and this audience, celebrating “success” was a complicated issue. Even under the best of circumstances, the five-year survival rates for patients were less than 15%. Yet, Alimta offered better survival rates than many alternatives. And many patients, the elderly in particular, tolerated it well with fewer side effects.

So while the drug itself wasn’t saving lives as such, it was prolonging them, sometimes dramatically so.

As such, the brand leaders wanted to remind the folks in the trenches, so to speak, that their efforts did more than drive market share. In essence, the global sales team wasn’t out there just pushing a drug, they were helping to give patients and families more time.

It’s tricky to play with emotionally-loaded subjects in a corporate setting. So I decided to let the numbers tell the story.

My contribution.

I wrote the script, conceived the information graphics and visual transitions, and chose the music track. Lung cancer claimed the lives of my mother and her sister, and I know from witnessing their battles with the disease that while chemotherapy can be harsh, therapies like Alimta can extend the lives of lung cancer patients and increase the quality of whatever they have left.

There are more effective treatments for lung cancer than chemotherapy beginning to emerge that may one day make chemotherapy seem like a primitive approach. The global sales team had mixed emotions about a solution that at best only prolongs the inevitable.

But, after losing my mother and my aunt to lung cancer, I learned an important lesson.

Nothing is more valuable than time to the ones who are running out of it.

I’m grateful this assignment provided me the opportunity to share it with Alimta’s team.