• JointCharge brand decal with tagline.
  • Evolved landing page to reflect "health and youthness" direction.
  • I directed this imagery to tell a visual story about DermaCharge, the moral of which is that it’s silly for men and women to use different products for the same problem. Currently resides in the developer’s sandbox.

It’s not unusual to get to know a client’s brand when you’re freelancing. But this is the first time I got the hired by the client to steer the brand building from their side of the table.

At the time I got involved, the company was struggling to market their all-natural, hyaluronic acid-based joint supplement for pets and people due to a host of reasons:

  • No distribution other than the client’s own veterinary clinics
  • Less than 30 customers
  • Lacking a strong brand story or visual identity
  • Generic packaging
  • Twice the price of the lowest priced supplement available
  • A website with social links but no social accounts
  • Little consumer knowledge of hyaluronic acid despite studies and use in thousands of oral, injection and topical products

A Unique Selling Challenge

Fortunately, they did have a clear point of difference– JointCharge was the only powdered hyaluronic acid joint supplement on the market.

Unfortunately, this meant we would need to convince people that buying HA in a dry form not only wasn’t inconvenient; it was also the best way to buy it.

Adding to the challenge, we soon found that the average consumer had no idea what HA was.

Making the learning curve even steeper, we soon discovered the average consumer had no idea what HA was.

So before we could persuade people to try mix-it-yourself HA, we first had to educate them about why it was important to supplement their body’s HA supply as they age.

Evolving the Brand and My Relationship

Over time my contract grew to the point where I became the company’s marketing director, handling everything from marketing strategy to planning and implementing the company’s trade show exhibits at events like the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Sales growth multiplied from single to triple digit increases in less than three years, momentum accelerated by word of mouth from buyers began to notice and share their experiences.

Now JointCharege is set to launch its first HA-based skincare product, DermaCharge, which will be the first anti-aging compound designed to be used by men and women.

The journey to develop final packaging and marketing assets involved hundreds of considerations, recommendations, and decisions, but it began with a simple question:

If the forces that prematurely age skin are the same for men and women, why not create a story that addresses the customer’s need, not their gender?

You never know where a freelance assignment is going to end up, but the opportunity to help build a business and transform a brand never gets old.

Reach out if you like to chat about yours.

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