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With its core mission of global wildlife conservation driving operations, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is far from just another theme park.

But even a brand known the world over can drift into the trap of sounding like one.

The Challenge

The site had grown so cluttered with competing events and corporate logos the Zoo’s voice was being drowned out. And having grown to four park properties, each with its own attractions, could all of them speak with one voice?

And could leaders and stakeholders from each property agree on that voice?

The Breakthrough

Working with the team from digital design firm Fine Citizens, I created a brand personality we dubbed “The Cool Science Teacher Who Blows Stuff Up In Class.”

From there, we developed verbal and visual identity guidelines that allowed us to create content that everyone from the CEO to internal marketing, the zookeepers and even Jack Hanna could embrace– with only one round of minor revisions.

Jack Hanna, by the way, is a really cool guy. He gave me an autographed copy of his biography to give to my wife who happens to have kind of a weird crush on him.

I didn’t mention this fact to him until after he’d signed the book.

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