This project for Best Western International’s mobile booking and rewards tracker app via Fine Citizens had two phases. Both were rewarding and went beyond merely supplying a script.

As a bonus, this project was my introduction to Agile/Scrum product development; it was an invaluable experience for a freelance copywriter getting immersed in digital projects.

Best Western App Launch, Phase One

In the initial phase, the creative team and I brainstormed potential features and user stories. As anyone familiar with app development knows, the process started with a deep discovery dive.

We began by looking at dozens of travel and booking apps. Then we road tested each one to identify the best in class and unmet needs.

We followed with mind-mapping, mood boards, and developing audience personas.

Finally, the team settled on a tight set of features and user stories that became the wireframes Fine Citizens took to the client, along with high-level visual options.

The app took shape over a period of several months, a series of design and programming sprints, and client tweaks that happily, never veered far from the original theme for the app:

Deliver a rewarding experience at each stage of the customer journey.

Best Western App Launch, Phase Two

In phase two, I scripted the video Best Western produced to introduce the new app to their owner/partners and property managers.

In addition to the VO section, I worked with the design and animation team on concepts for specific scenes and transitions to tie them together.

During the production, I also gave input on voice casting as well as feedback on the audio session and the rough edits.

Just as designers contribute more than designs, my engagements often involve more than copywriting. This project was no exception.


Best Western’s global brand team launched the app in mid-2016 to an enthusiastic gathering of BW property owners and managers. The company soon released Android and Apple iOS versions to consumers, and the app continues to be a significant piece of the brand’s consumer digital strategy.

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