The new Artists with Machines brand story starts here.

The fact that this fabrication studio works with some of the most successful restaurant and retail brands in the U.S. out of a nondescript complex of industrial buildings on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, is a pretty good brand story.

But staying on top in these brutally cost-conscious segments demanded nothing less than amazing.

The Dilemma

Despite a killer portfolio and a sterling reputation, Artists with Machines was losing out to importers who were attracting a new generation of buyers with mass produced fixtures and architectural elements.

Yet most of the time Artists with Machines cost the same or less. The problem was, their brand story focused on describing materials and technology, not illustrating value.

The Answer

Before writing the content for the company’s new site, I worked with CEO Rich Witherspoon to develop a new story with an irresistible selling proposition:

Why settle for the same catalogue fixtures every other chain uses when Artists with Machines lets you create custom branded interiors for the same price?

With the story framework in place, it was just a matter of building the chapters.

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