My story.

Hoosier success stories don’t get much more giant fried tenderloin than mine.

A native of the state, my career literally began at the edge of a cornfield in Brazil, Indiana after graduating from Butler University. Beginning with ag accounts– naturally– I learned my craft working on a broad range of brands, categories, and marketing challenges.

Thanks to combination of luck, hard work and the right circumstances in less than 10 years I was a creative director with a big office and an expense account. Of course I thought I was immune to recessions and budget cuts.

Of course I was wrong. Fast-forward to 2013.

Taking the leap.

I experienced what HR specialists refer to as a “reduction in force.” It’s a less harsh way of saying “mass layoff.”

I won’t lie. Getting laid off was hard on my ego. But the truth is, I’d wanted to have my own shop for a long time but could never summon the nerve to take the leap. Thanks to getting booted out of the plane with a severance package, I got the chance to start my freelance business.

These days, I help clients meet their objectives with unexpected solutions that command attention, create competitive advantage, and get results.

I’m not running Sterling Draper it’s true. I’m a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist, not an agency.

But DS Reyburn Strategic Creative is my own S-Corp enterprise.  And it lets me do a lot of copywriting, which since my days at the edge of the cornfield is the thing that I still love doing the most.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

All my pre- and post-ad agency experience pays off for you in creative efficiency. Translation: I’m not the cheapest freelance writer you can find but with me you’ll get viable solutions that work across platforms, cultures and audiences. With options. Delivered in less time, with fewer revisions, and zero “he doesn’t get this” moments.

That’s my story. If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, I’d love to hear yours.