Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Dave Reyburn. The official name of my company is Creative Content Corporation but I operate as DS Reyburn Strategic Creative.

I’m basically a freelance copywriter and content strategist. Depending on the assignment I might use ’marketing strategist’ rather than ‘content strategist’ because they’re different skill sets.

Technicalities aside, with DSRSC I can use all my experience as an agency copywriter/creative director, business owner and marketing director to help clients ranging from mom and pop startups to multibillion-dollar global enterprises achieve their marketing goals.

My brand is about writing content that speaks to your customers in a unique voice and if desired, working with other creative specialists to develop tactics that bring it to life in memorable and measurable ways.

Of course there’s more to successful marketing than well-crafted content that connects with customers at a rational and emotional level.

But any marketing plan without it did not come from me.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

All my pre- and post-ad agency experience pays off in the form of assured approaches, creative energy and original ideas to express your brand powerfully across platforms, personas and product categories.

Delivered in less time, with fewer revisions and more supportive stakeholders.

And we all know why it’s important to get stakeholders on board early, because a ‘stakeholder’ is any non-involved colleague with the power to drive a stake through the idea at any point in the process.

That’s my story. If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, I’d love to hear yours.